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If you feel it's been a while since we brought you a Making a Murderer update, you wouldn't be wrong. As we've previously reported, the appeals for both Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey have continued, after both were convicted for involvement in the murder of Teresa Halbach back in Each subject of the Netflix true-crime series has maintained their innocence despite Brendan Dassey's previous confession, now hotly contestedand since both parts of Making a Murderer hit the streaming platforms, their real-world legal teams have been working hard on their appeals.

Kathleen Zellner, who was introduced to documentary viewers in season two but has been representing Avery sincehas been trying to win a new trial for her client. In Octoberwe reported that the post-conviction lawyer had filed a page document to the Wisconsin Appeals Court District IIrequesting a new trial be given.

Specialising in wrongful convictions, Zellner believes wholeheartedly in her client's innocence and has previously shared a theory that calls back to a pretty major sticking point for viewers of season one and therefore Avery's original trial which could change the narrative surrounding the case.

It concerns the fragments of bone found in the Manitowoc County Gravel Pit. In a nutshell, Zellner made moves to test the evidence in order to determine whether they were a human and b belonging to Halbach — if each of these questions garnered a yes, the State's theory that she was killed and burned in Steven Avery's burn pit could be refuted.

But Zellner believed that the Attorney General's Office had been attempting to "deceive" her and her client by hiding the whereabouts of this forensic evidence. Fast-forward almost a year yes, October is edging closer and closerand we've got some more news to share. In a page response, filed June 25, to the State of Wisconsin who argued in May that Avery's prior motion be deniedZellner names another possible person of interest: Bobby Dassey.

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Making a Murderer viewers will remember him as the brother of Brendan Dassey. He was introduced in season two, and the contents of the family computer — which housed violent imagery and pornography — was a worrisome talking point among viewers. While this discovery was actually made at the time of the original police investigation, it had been concealed from Avery's defence team and therefore was not used in the original trial.

It is important to note, however, that Bobby has never been arrested or charged in relation to this case and has denied involvement. While you might think it's part of the normal legal process to name likely alternative suspects, this was something that Avery's original lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting were prevented from doing during the original trial — something that they have said impeded them from the start.

It was a huge question for audiences who didn't understand the legal system — something that Buting and Strang explained in more detail during an exclusive interview with Digital Spy last year. In a nutshell, Wisconsin law prevents the defence from introducing evidence that implicates other suspects unless they can prove these others had motive and opportunity. And it seems that this is now something that Zellner is looking to overcome.

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Exculpatory evidence is defined as evidence that could be favourable to the defendant, and that would help them towards exoneration or a verdict of "not guilty. In terms of the Netflix series, we've previously speculated that season three might go ahead in order to document any big developments — which would, you'd expect, definitely include a new trial should Avery be given one.

There's been no official word yet from filmmakers or the streaming platform that a third docu-series is under discussion, but we'll be watching this space. Making a Murderer seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix. Digital Spy now has a newsletter — sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox. Looking for more TV recommendations and discussion? Head over to our Facebook Group to see new picks every day, and chat with other readers about what they're watching right now.

Type keyword s to search. Related Story.Noted attorney Kathleen Zellner and her husband, Robert, on Dec. Zellner, who began her law career working as an appellate clerk and for a plaintiff and criminal defense trial lawyer, opened her own law firm in and since that time has drawn attention for representing high-profile clients and specializing in wrongful conviction cases.

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Winfield Township Assessor. Bob Goldsborough is a freelance reporter. Recommended on Chicago Tribune. Latest Elite Street. Elite Street St.Making A Murderer 's Steven Avery is said to be feeling optimistic about his upcoming appeal, his lawyer Kathleen Zellner has claimed. Kathleen, who has pledged to never stop fighting for Steven's freedom, tweeted an update about the case on Wednesday evening.

She said: "Talked to Steven Avery today. We will never stop fighting to FREE him. We sent him the hundreds of supportive messages. In case you need a recap, Steven is the subject of the crime documentary, Making A Murderer which follows the murder of Teresa Halbach in Avery, 58 and his nephew Brendan Dassey, 29, are both serving life in prison for the crime, but Avery has always maintained his innocence, believing he was framed by the Manitowoc County Police Department.

In the second series of the Netflix show, lawyer Kathleen took on the case, and in Februarywon a motion to appeal in a Wisconsin circuit court. In among the page document, she claims the circuit court "abused its discretion" in dismissing Avery's requests for additional scientific testing; denied him motion in relation to the Brady violations which occurred when the prosecution failed to turn over all "exculpatory evidence" to the defendant ; and that they failed to address Avery's claim that he had ineffective counsel at trial.

However, in August last year, the new trial was rejected in the circuit court, meaning Kathleen has had to continue to pursue the appeal in Wisconsin's appellate court. Soon, Avery's appeal will be decided by a judge who will have a say on whether he should get a new trial.

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This could then escalate to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. If Avery is granted a new trial - and is successful - it won't be the first time he has been exonerated. He had previously been wrongfully convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder in but was exonerated after serving 18 years of a year sentence when DNA evidence found him to be innocent. Since the second series of Making A Murderermany have wondered if there will be a third instalment of the true crime.

Well, nothing has been confirmed just yet, but filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos did tell Cosmopolitan in that it could definitely be on the cards.

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I heard that documentaries [don't come in threes] come in tens! Chosen for You Chosen for You. Most Read Stories Most Read. Lucy is a journalist working for Tyla. After graduating with a master's degree in journalism, she has worked in both print and online and is particularly interested in fashion, food, health and women's issues.

Northerner, coffee addict, says hun a lot. Advert Latest an hour ago. Talked to Steven Avery today. Lucy Devine Lucy is a journalist working for Tyla.Making A Murderer fans, there's been an update on Steven Avery's case.

Making A Murderer's Steven Avery 'Optimistic' About Upcoming Appeal, Lawyer Reveals

Filed to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals by the year-old lawyer on behalf of her client, the page reply brief is a counter-response to the The State of Wisconsin's response to Avery's appeal. In late May, the State filed an page document asking the court to uphold the decision to deny Avery a new trial. This is the latest in this back-and-forth between the State and Avery's defence team, following Avery's official appeal which was initially laid out in October last year.

Avery is the subject of the hit true crime documentary, which followed the case surrounding the murder of Teresa Halbach, for which the year-old and his year-old nephew Brendan Dassey are currently serving life in prison.

In the 14 years since, Avery has always maintained his innocence and his belief that he was framed by the Manitowoc County Police Department.

zvk zellner group

InZellner - who featured in the second series of the acclaimed documentary series - stepped up efforts to fight for her client's justice. First, in February, Avery won a motion to appeal in a Wisconsin circuit court, which meant that the court would then reexamine the case.

Zellner's appeal made mention of the bones that were found in the gravel pit on the Avery property, believed to be Teresa's. However, Kathleen is arguing the bones were mishandled by authorities when they were given to Teresa's family in without notifying the defence. Unfortunately, in August the defence's bid for a new trail was rejected in the circuit court, meaning Zellner and her team had to continue to pursue their appeal in Wisconsin's appellate court.

Regarding the next steps, Avery's appeal - and the arguments for and against - will be deliberated by a judge who will decide if Avery should be offered a new trial. If Zellner's appeal wins Avery a second trial and it is successful, it will be the second time he has been exonerated from prison.

Avery had previously been wrongfully convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder in but was exonerated after serving 18 years of a year sentence when DNA evidence found him to be innocent. Avery's murder trial was the subject of the documentary series which garnered the case international attention, and brought new evidence to light.

Viewers learnt about witness coercion and tampering of evidence on behalf of Manitowoc County Police Department, who Avery maintains framed him for the murder as payback for the disgraced police force's suing. Chosen for You Chosen for You.

Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey Update Dec.2020

Most Read Stories Most Read. Ciara is a freelance writer working for Tyla. Advert Latest an hour ago. If this fails, the defence could even escalate Avery's case to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Two years later, Avery was convicted of Teresa's murder and sentenced to life without parole. Ciara Sheppard Ciara is a freelance writer working for Tyla. Follow ciarasheppard.The present invention relates to a kind of removable data cable plug with latch strike plate, and relate to a kind of for quickly And the method economical space saving unlocking the data cable plug with latch strike plate.

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Making a Murderer's latest update revisits a question from season one

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zvk zellner group

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One of the beneficiaries of this program is retired Navy corpsman Gabriel George. He was leaving a bible study when a reckless driver hit him. Two months later, he had to accept the fate of a life with a Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, and losing his right arm. A decade into recovery, facing adversity at every corner, Gabe developed his four words mantra: Vision — Discipline — Strength — Determination. This is the vehicle that keeps him rolling towards his most cherished goal: to compete at the Paralympic Games in archery.

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Nonetheless, exceeding our expectations, 80 players joined us regardless of a stormy forecast last Friday at South Hampton. As we finished the check-in process, the rain stopped, and a bright sun welcomed the players to honor our veterans. These are some of the images captured by our volunteer photographers, Diana Blanco and Marshall Waters.

Suzie told us that we saved her life. We wish her story and experience will save others. Online registration is no longer available. Covid Disclaimer: Players and attendees acknowledge and agree to accept the sole responsibility of Covid infection. We encourage social distancing and face coverings. To become a source of encouragement and support for vets who suffer from the invisible wounds of PTSD.

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